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  • Wooden Sunglasses - An Interview with Legacy Eyewear

    · By Reva Hansen

    When I first came across Legacy Eyewear, I wasn’t sure what to think of wooden sunglasses. The designs looked cool, but wooden, really? So I decided to investigate. I contacted you through social media and we soon chatted. I ended up ordering a pair to see if they really were as good as advertised. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were even better than advertised. These sunglasses are super lightweight and comfortable, flexible, durable - you name it. Most every pair of sunglasses I had ever owned were either too tight on my head or bothered...

  • "Hard Rock to Hard Work" - An Interview with Centennial Trading Co.

    · By Toby Morrell

    If my memory serves me correctly, the year was 2003. We (Emery) had been living in Seattle for a couple years and had become big fans of the Tooth and Nail/Solid State rosters, in which Beloved was a part of. The Solid State Tour was coming through town and we decided to go check it out. I remember seeing you guys live for the first time and thinking, holy crap...this band is freakin good. I also remember meeting you guys and felt comfortable talking to you since you were from the south as well. It wasn’t common meeting other southerners...

  • Winding Wheel Supply Co - Kenny Bozich

    · By Mike Lewis

    The year was 2008. We (Emery) were all grizzled old men just trying to make a living on the road, and we were invited on tour with a band called The Almost. They were becoming quite popular and were making waves in the Rock/Christian-Rock scene. The frontman was Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) and despite being a great singer and guitar player, he was an even better drummer. However, he wasn’t playing drums. This cool-looking kid with long blondish hair that could’ve been Toby’s son was playing drums, and he was phenomenal. Guess what - that kid was you! How old were...